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Peter & Jill Juneja.

Meet the Party


Peter Juneja

President, CWT, Phoenix Wine Parties

The Not So Snobby Wine Guy, wine teacher and wine lover. Peter has spent many years in the food and beverage industry and really appreciates all things wine. He has spent many of his years helping others develop their knowledge and enthusiasm for wine.

Favorite Subject: Wine

Favorite Saying: Here’s the thing.

Jill Juneja

Jill Juneja

Chief Marketer, Web designer & Overall Helper

Jill enjoys great food and great wine. Thanks to Peter, she appreciates her wines, but doesn’t know them like he does.

Favorite Subject: Wine, food and marketing for small business owners.

Favorite Saying: That’s some good stuff!

Peter and Jill Juneja of Phoenix Wine Parties

Peter & Jill Juneja

Dynamic Duo

We both love wine and travel. We met and two years later we were married on March 2009. Peter loves wine and has an extensive knowledge in the food and wine industry so the most natural next step for him was to create a side business, Phoenix Wine Parties. Jill helps him out with his business with the marketing and his events.


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