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A unique & engaging activity for your next event with a virtual wine expert.



Have a professional wine expert virtually host your guests via the TV.

You provide the guests and wine and we teach from the big screen.



As the host of this party, this could possibly be the most unique and memorable party your guests will ever attend. If you are looking for something different and educational for your guests, this wine tasting class is it.

How a participant described the class.

It was a really fun hour that was interesting, informative, educational, in a very informal and relaxed setting. We all gathered in the living room and Peter led the group through the tastings of different wines by educating us and answering our questions. It was even fun for those who already know about wine!

If you are looking to raise your level of wine knowledge or just have a different experience for your guests, this is your opportunity.

How a participant described the class.

We don’t have a lot to do because we live in a remote area so it was really cool to have him teach us from the big screen TV. It was a really unique and fun experience.

  This package allows you to host your own party without being in the Phoenix area. It’s great if you live in a remote area or just want something fun and interesting for your guests. You handle all the details and the class is taught online by me through Skype and your big screen TV. The wine class is the same as one I would teach on-site, except you take care of the logistics of your party and I teach via the big screen TV.  The advantage of this package is that you save $100 or more (compared to the other wine packages) and we can do it anywhere in the US or the World.  And there is no limit to the number of people you can invite as long as they can see the screen.
  1. Click on the book your party button to email your questions and/or request a date. You can also call Peter directly at 602.810.1040 to talk about your upcoming event.
  2. Peter will work with you to discuss the wines, your event location and event date.
  3. You will pay $150.00 to reserve and secure your booking date.
  4. After finalizing your wine choices, Peter will email you a printable wine tasting mat and notes sheet for you to print out and give to your guests.
  5. 30 minutes before the start time of the wine tasting, Peter and you will make sure your big screen TV is set up with Skype so your guests can see him teaching the class.
  6. At the starting time, you will have your guests in front of the TV and introduce Peter. He will teach the class and then when it’s over, you can turn off your TV and continue on with your party.
  7. You and your guests have a great experience and hopefully, will tell others about Phoenix Wine Parties.

Host Your Own Wine Party

Let us teach wine tasting from your big screen TV while you and your guests have a fun and engaging  time they will never forget.

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