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  • Restaurant of the Month Series: September 2021

Often, people ask me for recommendations for restaurants and, in a city like Phoenix metro area. It’s a bit challenging because there are so many great places to go to! I’ve decided to start a monthly Restaurant of the Month series.

Character & Alias

CHARACTER Distinctive Dining is a modern expression of the American Dinner House and is the newest collaboration for restaurant veterans Peter Kasperski and Richie Moe. That said, it maintains a constant connection to the history of ‘Fine Dining’, as well as the myriad influence of cuisine across the globe thanks to the mind of Executive Chef Justin “Red” Hauska. Housed in an early 1900’s home and surrounded by an outdoor patio, CHARACTER serves dinner Tuesday through Sunday, featuring an eclectic wine selection and inventive drink list to pair with the menu of ever-changing cuisine.  Expect a memorable entertainment experience when you visit CHARACTER.

Restaurant Details

Restaurant name: Character & Alias

Location: Downtown, Phoenix, AZ


Website address:

Known for: Distinctive Dining & Elevated Cocktails

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