People are taking sides in the battle of the bottles between World wines and California wines.

Are California wines really better? Are world wines as good as they claim to be? It’s time to find out by having your own in home wine challenge!


Host the ultimate wine & education experience in your own home. An engaging wine expert and host will provide a fun event for your guests.
This type of tasting is done in professional wine events and now it’s you and your guests chance to experience the excitement of being a wine professional. Your guests will have the opportunity to see how world and California regions and styles of wine can be very similar and also very different.
This package includes a head to head battle between wines from both regions. The paired wines will be similar grape varietals and will also be in a similar price range. All the bottles labels will be covered, so you will not be able to guess anything but the color of the wine.
  1. Review the package options below and decide which one works for you.
  2. Click on the book your party button to email your questions and/or request a date. You can also call Peter directly at 602.810.1040 to talk about your upcoming event.
  3. Peter will work with you to discuss the wines, your event location and event date.
  4. You will pay 1/2 of the total price to book your date and 1/2 on the day of the party.
  5. Peter will show up a half hour before your event to set up. He will bring Riedel wine glasses, open the wine bottles and host the wine challenge.
  6. You will give him a check for the final 1/2 payment and at the end of the event he will collect the Riedel wine glasses, throw away any empty bottles and leave any full ones for you to enjoy.
  7. You and your guests have a great experience and hopefully, will tell others about Phoenix Wine Parties.

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