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What are the minimum & maximum number of people allowed to the wine tasting?
There is no minimum or maximum. We can custom build the tasting to your specifications and your guest list. 
What are the costs?
This depends on the number of people attending your wine party, the amount of wine needed and the price range of wines. The minimum cost, regardless of the number of people is $250 and that is built around having up to 11 people at the tasting. Please call for pricing of more than 12 people. Additional costs vary from $50 to $100, for up to 20 people. There are no restrictions. We can build the tasting around your budget as needed. Quotes do not include sales tax.
Do you require a deposit for booking a wine party?
Yes. The non-refundable deposit to book your party is 50% of the cost of the party. The remaining 50% will need to be paid at the conclusion of the party. We accept cash and credit card (PayPal). Checks are only accepted for the deposit.

You can  write the the check to Peter Juneja & mail the check to:

Peter Juneja

3221 N. 37th Street, #26

Phoenix, AZ  85018

Is food included?
No, but we are happy to suggest some caterers or restaurants.
What price range are the wines you provide?

Wines generally range from $15 to $35 per bottle, retail. We are able to custom fit your tastings to your tastes and needs.

Examples: If you want to do a Bordeaux or Burgundy party, we would take your budget and build the wines around that. If you want only French Champagnes such as Cristal, Dom Perignon and Perrier Jouet, we can do that as well. The prices we charge are way below what you would pay at a Restaurant and at or below retail level.

How long are the wine tastings?

The wine tastings can last 1 to 1 & a half hours, but can be as long as you want. This depends on your guests and their level of participation. Pricing will be adjusted if you need me to stay longer.

Will you host a wine tasting party where we provide wines from our own cellar?
Absolutely. We can build the tasting around your wines as well. We would just need to know in advance what the wines are.
What if I want to have a party, but only need staff to help pour wines and cocktails?
We can do that as well. We have a professional and experienced staff that can handle all your needs.  All our staff have many years of experience in Fine Dining and Resorts. We are happy to provide a quote for any occasion.
Can I buy the wine we taste at the party?
Yes. I will provide you with a purchase sheet that allows you to call in or fax your order to a pre-selected local wine shop. They will stock the order for you and you can pick it up at your convenience. If you order a case or more, there is usually a discounted price.
Can I keep the Riedel Glassware?
Yes. For an additional $10 per glass, you can keep the glassware from the tasting. Additional glassware is available if requested.  
Should I tip the wine expert?
The decision to pay a gratuity to the Sommelier is at the discretion of the guests and the host of the party. Tips are not expected but are greatly appreciated.  

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