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Winery of the Month-Domaine Serene

  Domaine Serene Daton, Oregon Domaine Serene's mission is to grow, produce, and market consistently outstanding, ultra-premium wines. Their vineyard management and winemaking practices are designed to ensure complex, concentrated, and elegant Pinot Noir and...

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Winery of the Month-July

Thomas George Estates Healdsburg, Sonoma County, CA   Again, another winner in our hearts. Peter and I've been there about three times and stayed in one of their cute cabins. We hung out with the crew, watched them clean the grapes, went into the cave for some wine...

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About Peter

About Peter


Peter Juneja
President, Chief Wine Taster (CWT), Phoenix Wine Parties

The Not So Snobby Wine Guy, wine teacher and wine lover. Peter has spent many years in the food and beverage industry and really appreciates all things wine. He has spent many of his years helping others develop their knowledge and enthusiasm for wine.

Favorite Subject: Wine

Favorite Saying: Here’s the thing.

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