Wine Tasting Birthday Party Feb 2016

Wine Tasting Party Details

Client: Craig, host
Event: Birthday party
Package: Arizona Wine Challenge
People: 20
Location: House in Gold Canyon, AZ
Date: May, 2016

Thank you so much Peter! I was genuinely surprised at what a hit the wine tasting was. You made it so easy to do because you did it all by showing up with everything we needed for the wine tastings. My girlfriend loved it! Everyone loved it!

Boyfriend and host

Wine Tasting Party Description

I was contacted by Craig who wanted to host a birthday party for his girlfriend, Sabrina. He had never done something like this before, and was excited because it was really different from their normal birthday parties.

Great Birthday Party Gift Idea for Girlfriend

We talked a while and he decided on the Arizona Wine Challenge package for 20 people because they wanted to learn more about AZ wines. He was so relieved when he found out I pick out all the wines, bring the wine glasses, tasting note sheets, and provide all the education. I make it more like a fun gathering talking and learning about wines.

They had a great time and so did I!

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