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French wines are considered the greatest of all time. Do you think American wines are the best? Do you think the Americans don’t have the knowledge and history to be the best? Then lets battle. Two wine experts will take sides and try to convince you to come to the “Dark Side.” Now its up to you and your friends to pick a side. Which side will you pick?


The King of wine challenges. The “Best” wines in the world against “The new kid on the block.” Who is right and who is wrong? Could they both be right? It’s time to find out by having your own in-home wine challenge!

Due to scheduling limits for both Sommeliers, we do require as much advance notice as possible.

This is the package if you want to learn more about the most famous wine region and want to learn more about why every wine in the world is compared to this region. Not only for the style of tasting, but also because this tasting will feature a much higher quality of wines than our standard tastings. If you are looking to raise your level of wine knowledge beyond the borders of USA wines, this is your opportunity. This is also an opportunity to try some of the best wines from these regions that you may never buy for yourself.

This in-home (or other location) package not only includes a Head to Head battle between wines from both regions, but two wine experts who will represent those countries and their wines. The French wines are represented by one of the top French wine experts in Arizona. Peter, your friendly Phoenix Wine Parties owner, will represent the great USA.

The paired wines will be similar grape varietals and will also be in a similar price range.  All the bottles will be covered, so you will not be able to guess anything but the color of the wine.

  1. Review the package options below and decide which one works for you.
  2. Click on the book your party button to email your questions and/or request a date. You can also call Peter directly at 602.810.1040 to talk about your upcoming event.
  3. Peter will work with you to discuss the wines, your event location and event date.
  4. You will pay 1/2 of the total price to book your date and 1/2 on the day of the party.
  5. Peter will show up a half hour before your event to set up. He will bring Riedel wine glasses, open the wine bottles and host the wine challenge.
  6. You will give him a check for the final 1/2 payment and at the end of the event he will collect the Riedel wine glasses, throw away any empty bottles and leave any full ones for you to enjoy.
  7. You and your guests have a great experience and hopefully, will tell others about Phoenix Wine Parties.

Ultimate French Wine Challenge Party Package

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