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Halter Ranch

Paso Robles, CA

 halter ranch logo

If you’ve never been to Halter Ranch Winery, you need to go.

We stayed at Halter Ranch last March for our wedding anniversary and will go again. The place was so beautiful in so many ways. Of course, there was the amazing wines, but they also had very friendly and accommodating staff who made us feel at home. The land itself is beautiful and the Victorian house was so grand and we felt like we were in another place and much more relaxed time.

Halter Ranch

Halter Ranch-Beautiful front porch view of road

Halter Ranch bridge

Halter Ranch-Bridge leading to brand new winery.

                                                     photos by Jill Juneja

If you ever go there, tell them Peter and Jill Juneja from Phoenix sent you. You are going to love it!

They have that beautiful victorian home and I love their Rose.


Out best,

Jill & Peter


I’d love to know your opinion on Paso Robles or other wineries in that area – pop a comment below to get the discussion going.

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